About Me, Your Local Taxidermist


How I Became a Taxidermist

I grew up hunting, fishing and trapping on our beautiful Central Coast.  I remember quail hunting with Dad in fields and lemon groves in what is now the Fairview Shopping Center in Goleta.  Fishing with Dad at Goleta Pier or the Santa Barbara Breakwater was another passion of ours, tagging along to climb down onto the rocks to retrieve mussels to use for bait.  Trapping Figueroa Mountain, I would run my trap line in the rain, mud and snow, pressed for time since the season was only 8 weeks long, opening Thanksgiving Day and closing January 31st every year!  


Not Just a Hobby, It's a Passion!

If you're like me, hunting and fishing isn't just a hobby, it's a passion!  I got my start in taxidermy over 45 years ago. As a kid, I dabbled with mounting and painting the fish, birds, squirrels and eventually deer my Dad and I harvested.  I loved the science and the art of it.  From early on I learned all I could and perfected my craft over the years.  After long hours of hard work and practice, I opened my first taxidermy studio in Santa Barbara in 1975, moving it to Goleta then Buellton through the years, and finally settling in Lompoc in 1988,


Your Trophy is in Good Hands!

Today with hundreds of happy clients, rest assured your trophy is in good hands!  I invite you to call me for an appointment to stop by my shop or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  As your local Taxidermist I would like to share my love of hunting and fishing with you and help preserve your trophy.